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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heading South

     This post does not contain pictures of scenery, food or cute dogs.  Neither does it describe any fine adventures or enjoyable social events.  The ONLY purpose if to give a status report to all those generous, considerate and honestly concerned friends who have been so helpful as I packed up some tired bones and headed home.
     Day one was 264 miles which deposited us in Sturbridge, MA at three-o-clock.  A pull through site made set up easier.  Durelle and I could list a dozen folks who helped and made sure we got under way safely.  There are dozens more whose sincere concern is greatly appreciated.
     Forgive me for not trying to list you all here.  The list would include friends for decades as well as those whose friendship is only a few days old.  I'm still hobbling around, but the actual driving presented no problem.  Stamina is a problem, but we'll make it.  Four days to go...we hope to see you next summer.
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