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Friday, September 13, 2013

White Haven, PA

     Two days down; three to go.  Today had a scary start.  I had noticed on our first night out that the main living room/dinette slide did not go out smoothly and uniformly.  So I was expecting trouble this morning.  That's the one that has given us trouble ever since we were burglarized and had difficulties corralling all the pieces of broken safety glass that got under it.  This morning the aft corner didn't want to move in with the rest of the slide.  I made two tentative tries, stopping short of getting the thing cockeyed and jammed.  I went outside, put my back against the slide, hooked my hands under the edge behind me and heaved up and in while Durelle activated the motor.  Great news!  It worked.  Guess where it's going to stay until we get home?  We can easily live with just the three other slides.  I don't think that activity was on my approved physical therapy regimen, but it worked and no harm was done.
     On a couple of side notes of interest only to the Moorings crew: the dishwasher door now locks for travelling and the red generator light over the bed no longer comes on in the middle of the night.
     We are in White Haven, PA on I-80 almost to I-81 south.  We took an interesting shortcut to get from I-84 to I-80.  PA 423 runs right by the Tobyhanna Army Depot in the heart of the Poconos.  It sure ain't cruise control country, but it was only a dozen miles or so and it worked fine.  I guess it was one of Dick Roth's "red roads".
     Our target for tomorrow is Verona, Va which advertises "four indoor hot tubs" of which has my name on it.  Now it's time for a little "happy hour"with some lobster dip.
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