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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 2

     Well, we finally got on the road.  We never planned to get away early because Durelle washed our linens and remade our bed because we are going to have house guests during the summer.  Besides, all of the packing has been on a gentle schedule.  Cindy took a camera shot through the door of the bus just before we left.

     Baxter required a little assistance to make it up the stairs, but he seems to be doing OK.  The bus is loaded and ready to go.

     We bought 90 gallons of diesel at $3.639 and headed out.  I don't expect to find diesel within twenty cents of that for the rest of the summer.  We arrived in Enfield, NC about 1615.  A couple of problems arose: we don't have any hot water and the TV is snowy at times even when there is a good signal strength.  We'll get things sorted out.  Everything else seems to work.
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