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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Wegners in Fairfax, VA

Fifty four years ago this Fall we showed up for my first assignment as a brand new 2Lt. in the Air Force.  We were the ultimate newbies.  Fortunately, there was another Air Force family that were very close neighbors.  Al was a 1st Lt.  He and Joyce were of German stock from the cornfields of Iowa.  He had had some enlisted time in the Navy before going to USAF OCS.  They were like our older siblings as we acclimated ourselves to the Air Force.  We have forced our paths to cross almost every year since, and 2014 was no exception.

     This section of Fairfax is a nice neighborhood, but with small, winding streets that forced the trailing Jeep to make one careful excursion up over a corner of a curb.  The bus and we spent the night in front of their house as we have before.  Below is a quick snapshot taken just before we left.  The youngest person in that picture is 76!!

     As usual, Joyce stuffed us full of good food both for supper and breakfast.  They are both a couple of survivors, and we wish them many more good years.
     One notable event on our drive northward yesterday was the accident we passed that completely closed I-95 southbound near Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Apparently a northbound tractor-flatbed trailer with a load of bundles of 2x4's wandered across the median and hit another flatbed of pipe!  We passed the scene at about 1100 and the accident had occurred about 5 1/2 hours before.  There were no flashing lights or emergency gear at the scene; just a bunch of "yellow gear" trying to uncouple the mess.  A detour had been set up from one exit north of the accident to one exit south.  I have no idea how long it took them to reopen it, but it was a major hassle for a lot of travelers and truckers.
     We arrived at Pine Grove, PA shortly after two and everything is set up fine.  There was a delay in acquiring the satellite which nearly precipitated mayhem, but "all's well that ends well".
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