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Monday, June 30, 2014

Things are getting busy

     Yesterday was lobster boil number 1...for the Cloutiers at least.  Walt Wagner, who has been harvesting lobsters right out in front of the campground for as long as we have been coming here, had a stroke this past winter and has pulled his boat.  So, we've had to find new sources.  Dick Roth rounded up a dozen 1 3/4 pound lobsters and a dozen ears of corn.  Add a very few additional amenities and you've got a good lobster boil.

     Today the happy hour "snacks" amounted to supper.  The entree was Michelle and Tom Peralta's stuffed meat loaf.

     Look closely at the bacon wrap.  It is woven! Here it is sliced.

     It has been stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and other assorted goodies.  Wendy Boucher brought a big cole slaw and John Carlberg brought some unusual and excellent fingerling potatoes.   In keeping with my candid shots, her are the Carlbergs; John and Theresa.

     The Peraltas arrived with their seven year old, female Shepherd, Skye.

     Tomorrow a bunch of us are off to Bagaduche for lunch.  Friday the Peraltas, Bouchers, and the Carlbergs are barbecuing for the entire campground...ribs, pulled pork, brisket and pork belly.  You must be a campground resident to participate and you must bring a special side dish of your own.  Durelle will do her rice pilaf.  Does that sound like some good eating?  I think I have mentioned that these grillers compete and win on a national basis.
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