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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Enfield, NC

     We spent the night at a KOA here in our old spot.  The place is run by a retired CMSGT, (USAF E-9) with whom I get along just fine.  We have finished, I hope, all the debugging...of me, not the bus.  Once I found the water heater bypass valve that was used to winterize, we had our hot water back.  Once I remembered that the driver's side slideouts required the ignition switch to be in the accessory position, they worked fine.  The driver's side are electric and the passenger side are hydraulic.  I'm sure there is a good reason.
     The TV was initially snowy in spite of a 90% signal strength, but it seems to be fine now.  It's a big, sophisticated machine, and my aging brain has to be retrained every spring.  I think we are good to go now.
     Although he is a little wobbly and needs a little help and encouragement, Baxter is managing the stairs OK.  Is there a common theme here?
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