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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A New Morning

     We are safely back in Hanahan, SC and ready for a new day.  No, the picture is not mine...I don't do sunrises, especially after four consecutive driving days.  This is Cindy's picture, taken on one of her morning four mile walks.  This one was on the Isle of Palms.
     We're home and we're pooped.  Now we  are busy (with a lot of help from Cindy) unloading in near 90 temperatures and humidity.  It's always surprising how much "stuff" a forty foot motorhome can hold.
     Thursday we drove a piece of the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped for a visit with cousin, Nikki and Bob Chevalier.  As a part of the visit I got a guided tour of the National D-Day Memorial.  It is extremely well done and is beautifully sited.  It was a golf cart tour and tourists may not get out of the cart, so picture opportunities were restricted.  Below are three representative pictures.  There are many great stories originating here, but I'll save them for another forum and another day.

     So, we are back after 134 days.  We averaged $130 per day, and many of those expenses such as groceries and eating out would have been incurred at home.  We have often been taken to task by Durelle's brother, Mart, for violating the two thirty rule.  It dictates the one should stop at 2:30 or 230 miles, which occurs first.  I think that next year we may be more inclined to abide by that rule.
     It has been the best summer yet.  The camaraderie of old and new (!!) friends with whom we camped this summer made this trip special and worth every bit of effort we put into it. 
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