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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leaving Belfast

     Well, summer's over.  Our last evening was spent with eight of us at Papa J's.  Here's the crew.

     Going clockwise around the table are: Hilda Brann, George and Duane Peck, yours truly, Debra Donnahoo, Myrt Crowe, Durelle and Dick Brann.  Below are a couple of shots of the two of the entrees.  First the lobster scampi.

     Next is my leg of lamb, medium rare.

     It was a very special evening, but all of us will get together again next year in the same place.
     As we were leaving, the "Low Fuel" indication came on.  I wasn't surprised because I had gone 800 miles on that tankful.  We found fuel in Belfast for $3.629, and I bought 108 gallons which got me real close to that $400 fill-up milestone.  It was overcast, and occasionally drizzly as we drove to Brookline, NH.  Nonetheless Durelle captured some nice foliage pictures through the windshield.

  The last photo for today is one I took here in the Field and Stream Campground.  The blue spruce lends a nice contrast.

     We arrived and set up in a light rain.  Again everything worked...especially the sewer.  Durelle has both the washer and the dryer spinning merrily away.     
     So, the summer of 2014 is coming to a close.  Like life in general, it had both pain and pleasure.  I think I speak for the majority when I say that this was the best summer yet.  The lobsters, the barbequers, the two hour happy hours with a dozen or more folks (What do they all talk about?), but most especially the first-timers to the Moorings (and to the happy hours) all combined to make for great after day.  The old-timers all appreciate the fresh contributions from Debra, Myrt, the Hansens and the Fares.

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