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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gone to the Dogs

     We are comfortably settled at the Field and Stream RV Park in Brookline, NH.  Friday night most of the Cloutier clan assembled at Smokey Bones for supper.  As Durelle was getting ready, she closed the slider door to the bath and bedroom so she could take a shower.  Unable to be with her, Baxter got up into her chair and sulked.

     He's a gentle old soul, but he's not too smart.  In the picture below look for his nose buried deep in one of my well worn sandals.

     Saturday Mark and Heather (and great granddaughter, Brielle) drove to Connecticut to pick up a five month old pup from a rescue league.  Eli, his name for now, is part Husky and part Great Pyrenees.  Next year he will be a 120 pound, mostly white, gentle and loyal shedding machine.  Right now he's a 45 pound, timid pup who's trying to understand what's going on.  In the picture below daughter-in-law, Heather, is providing continual human contact.

     Leo, the German Shepard, doesn't seem to have any objections to the new guy in town.  The two dogs are likely to be good for each other.

     It hasn't been all dogs, however.  Two of our favorite Lab owners (and barbequers), Tim and Wendy Boucher joined us for supper in downtown Nashua.  As we approached Michael Timothy's from the south, we saw them walking towards us down Main Street from the north.  Since it is Oktoberfest time, the entre special was a plate with sauerbraten, bratwurst, schnitzel, spaetzle, red wine cabbage plus squash and zucchini.  Getting prudent in our old age, Durelle and I decided we could split one order.

     It was one of our better decisions.  After supper the waitress was good enough to take a picture of the four of us.

     The summer is winding down, but there are a few more fun days still on the schedule.
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