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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Field & Stream RV Park

     We are quietly settled into a perfect gem of a small, private campground in Brookline, NH.  We've been coming back, year after year, for a decade or so.  It's not on the ocean, nor does it overlook great vistas.  It is not located next to a major travel route, nor does it offer a hot tub, clubhouse, or pickle ball courts.  It is just a quiet, friendly, landscaped oasis in a busy world.  It does have a solid 50 amps, water, sewer, and the best WiFi anywhere.  It helps that the campground owner previously made a living as an IT manager.  Though we don't have to use it, the new bathhouse and laundry is outstanding.  It is buried in a pine forest on a lake about 20 minutes from Nashua, a cosmopolitan city of over 100,000.  At the same time it has a strand of an electric fence around the property to discourage the black bears.  Bird feeders are not allowed.
     We come here every year...usually twice.  It is close to our son and daughter-in-law and their assorted progeny.  And, since we used to live in the area, it gives us a chance to visit old friends, even childhood friends.  This year it also allows us to stall for a half a month as Maine returns to temperate climes.
     Well, that's enough verbiage without a picture.

     The picture is significant.  That recliner of Durelle's used to be Baxter's favorite spot.  This year, however, there were only a few longing glances as he was convinced that there was no way he could climb into that moveable chair.  This morning, however, he looked at us, then slowly, one leg at a time, crawled up into his favorite perch.  We were sure that last summer would be his last year of enjoying motorhome travel.  Yet here he is enjoying life to the fullest.
     Today was a trip to Hanscom AFB to do some major grocery shopping.  We are still waiting for the date to settle to have supper with several couples of high school classmates.  Sunday is a major league, Memorial Day barbecue at Mark's and all our grandkids and great grand (except for Melissa in Australia) will be there.  Tuesday we'll take Mark and Heather to supper to celebrate their 30th anniversary a few weeks early.  Wednesday the front of the Jeep gets repaired.  We leave for Maine on the first.
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