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Friday, May 15, 2015

We are in NH

     Another milepost.  We are now at the Field and Stream RV Park in Brookline, NH.  There are no RV Parks in Nashua where our kids, grandkids and great grandkid live.  So, Brookline it is.  They have an electric fence to keep out the black bears.  Bird feeders are not allowed.
     Why haven't I posted a blog in a week?  I have a contract with Verizon for 40 Gbytes per month.  I crossed 38 Gb a week ago and have been limping along until I could get to a site with a good WiFi.  We have not been idle.  Tuesday we wandered down to Plymouth, MA so that we could have lunch with Durelle's college roommate.  Below is Durelle and Marcia Dudley.

     On Thursday we drove down to Portsmouth, RI to visit one of my roommates, albeit for just one semester.  Ted (and Rene) Bierman live there.  Ted is a cosmopolitan fellow.  He's a retired Marine Colonel who restores old cars (1975 BMW CSI) and repairs old clocks and watches.  Rene also raises orchids as seen below.

     Their back yard is a thing of beauty.

     This morning was relaxed as we got ready to leave Fourth Cliff and head to NH.  Everything was nominal until I started to pull away.  I heard the noise in the bus.  What happened was that the base plate, that addition to the front of the Jeep that allows it to be towed, lost a bolt that attached it to the frame of the Jeep.  As a result, I pulled off the right side of the plastic bumper.  Well, with the help of Jim Medeiros, we got things disconnected.  Then, with his nylon tow strap, we cinched up the bumper to make it driveable.  The picture shows what it looked like.

     So, Durelle drove the Jeep up route 3, I-93, I-95 and route 3 again to Nashua and route 130 to Brookline.  I followed her in the bus.  I told her to drive it like a large crate of eggs.  I tried to stay about a hundred yards back to watch over things and be a blocking back if required.  I assumed she would baby it at or under the speed limit.  She was very gentle for a while.  Then she figured everything was sound.  She was at 65 for much of the northbound rte 3 into NH.  When we got to 130, she ran away and hid.  I couldn't keep up.  All's well.  we are settling into a pleasant fortnight in NH.  We even got the satellite on the second try!
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