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Thursday, May 7, 2015

More Fourth Cliff

          It has been an interesting few days on this quaint little fishhook of a peninsula.  First of all, it has been as relaxing as it possibly could be…and we needed that.  I make morning runs in the Jeep to pick up a copy of the Boston Globe.  Durelle, on the other hand, has been happily sitting here from midday Sunday to midday Thursday.  At least two days of that was spent watching the whales.  We are about a hundred feet away from the shoreline both horizontally and vertically, so we have a very good vantage point.  She does a lot of dog walking in the immediate area, but it has been a long time since she has spent five days in a quarter mile radius.  Hell, that’s just a good par five.
     The whales are right whales and are distinguished by their double spray when they vent.  They are endangered.  They have a huge forehead which is filled with whale oil which earned them the name the “right” whale.  There have been up to four of them for two days.  At times they were right in front of our site and only a hundred yards off shore.  After a while a local boater went out to take a closer look.  A fellow camper called the Coast Guard who came and shooed the boaters away.  The best views were in the morning, but we are looking east into a ferocious sun.  The Leica is not fond of that.


     The other noteworthy aspect of this spit of land is that it is recovering from the frequently vicious storms of last winter.  After all the years, much of the sand is gone and stones, from pebbles to medicine ball sized rocks, were washed and blown across the spit to the western side.  Along the way they battered pilings and removed stairways.  All along the road I take to get the paper in the morning there are crews making repairs of various degrees of severity to the piling supported houses facing the Atlantic.

     Today we had lunch with Bill and Diane Russell.  It is the sixth time we have crossed paths, but it is the first time that it was intentional.  We have met at Red Bay, Alabama, a campground in Georgia, at a rest area in Maine, a Tiffin Rally in Massachusetts, and once before here at Fourth Cliff.  Today we found a burger place in Marshfield called KKaties Burgers that sufficed nicely. 
     All of this variety and camaraderie are the essence of the RV lifestyle. 
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