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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whale Watch

     Our location is on a bluff with an 180 degree view of a horizon that is defined by a line between the sky and the Atlantic Ocean.  This afternoon a solo whale wandered around in our front yard,  He/she spent most of her time on the surface, but without any breeches or other demonstrations.  The following pictures were taken through a dirty windshield, so cut me a little slack.

      There's another shot of the bus and the bunker that captures the essence of the place,
Today was a wonderful, do-nothing day...slept in...pleasant shower and shave...gentle walk with Baxter around the perimeter.  Had a nice breakfast of one slice of sausage, homemade hashbrowns with onion and one egg.  I read, and cleaned up the email system while Durelle did some cross stitch.  I think we are getting back to normal.
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