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Monday, August 1, 2016

A Day Trip

     If any of my multitude of readers wonders what we do all day besides watch the waves and the clouds, today might be a good example. The Roths, the Dunns and the Cloutiers loaded into the Roth's six passenger SUV at 1130. The first objective was the Bagaduce Diner for lunch. We have all been there many times before. It sits on the bank of the Bagaduce River that has reversing falls where the tide and the river's current compete for dominance. It's a diner with a takeout window and numerous tables along the riverbank. The next picture was taken from my seat at one of those tables.

     I ordered a haddock sandwich.

     Durelle had a lobster roll, and we both had some of their wonderful onion rings. We did not come directly home. As a matter of fact, we spent several hours wandering around some of the points, peninsulas, and islands of Penobscot bay looking for photo ops. It is not that any particular scene is unusually spectacular, but that there is a continuum of pleasant, post card like scenes to please the eye and soften the soul. Here's a few.


Along the way I took a couple of seagull shots. One was sitting on top of the flagpole behind the Bagaduce Diner.

     The other had laid claim to a pickup truck and seemed ready to handle any challenges to his claim.

     Of course we found some boatyards.

     As we wandered around we saw an interesting settee made of horse shoes welded together.

     Near the town of Brooklin (I don't have our Gazeteer because Durelle has loaned it out again.) is an elegant OLD cemetery which contains the grave of E. B. White of Charlotte's Web fame. Nearby is the farm where he did his writing.

     By the time we arrived back at the Moorings, it was time for Happy Hour! Life is good!
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