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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


     This blog doesn't fit any previous themes, but I thought the picture on which it is based might be appreciated by some. Brielle is our great-granddaughter who will start the sixth grade in a few days. She had shown some unusual talent with pencil sketches to the point where she started taking some art lessons from a friend of her father's. She asked her father what he wanted for his birthday. He said that he would like one of her pictures framed on his office wall. When asked about a subject, he said, "How about the Boston skyline?" She said, "Daddy, that's too hard." A week later she gave him a pencil sketch of the Boston skyline.

     I find that sketch astonishing. I'm told that her father, Dave, has tears in his eyes whenever he looks at it. By the way, the picture of the picture is worthy of note in its own right. It is a well composed shot of a beaming, proud girl with some flowers for a bit of color. It was taken on her grandfather's deck with an old, partially obscured, router-engraved sign that I made for her great-great grandfather forty plus years ago.
     I think that's a keeper. I hope you like it.
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