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Monday, August 29, 2016

House Guests

     For the past week we have had the pleasure of hosting multiple house guests in our motorhome on the edge of Penobscot Bay and showing them the various reasons why we are here. Our daughter, Cindy, arrived on Monday. She left Saturday, and somewhere on the Maine Turnpike handed off the baton to our granddaughter, Melissa, her husband, Illia, and our precious great-granddaughter, Madeleine. Cindy took a nice selfie of herself and her mother.

     Cindy has been here many times before. As a matter of fact, she's has been vacationing in Maine for some forty years. So, while we did some modest driving around (the ladies visited New Harbor), mostly her vacation consisted of relaxing here. She enjoyed the scenery, the camaraderie and the Happy Hours of the campground.     
 The Zotos' one night stay, on the other hand, resulted in a madcap "Maine in One Day" adventure. They arrived around 1000 Saturday and we quickly and rather impulsively decided to drive down to Camden for a lunch at the Waterfront restaurant. Illia decided to have his first ever lobster. The best they could do was a pound and a half, recently molted soft shell that had a lot of water in it. It was good and Illia liked it, but I assured him that lobster could be a lot better than that. It did make his first lobster easy to eat. 
     After lunch, while Durelle and I watched Maddie, Illia and Melissa checked out a few shops and got some ice cream cones. Then we took them to a lookout to get a view of the Curtis Island light house.

     From there we drove to the top of Mount Battie.

     I'm the one on the left. On the way back to Belfast we drove slowly through the village of Bayside in Northport. By the time we got back it was almost time for Happy Hour. As you might imagine, seven month old Maddie was the hit of the campground.

     After an hour or so of enjoying the conversation(s) of the Happy Hour, Illia decided that he wanted lobster for supper, too. I could have easily passed on supper, but that crazy Aussie came back with two four pound lobsters and four ears of corn!!

    The ladies did not want any lobster, so I was sorta compelled to eat a four pound lobster with him just to be sociable. These were real hard shells. We had nothing with which to crack those claws until Melissa got a hammer out of my tool box. There were lobster rolls for Sunday breakfast. They departed midday and were back in Nashua by 1615. Maddie slept until 1730, had supper, slept until 2200, woke up, downed 8 oz. of formula and slept until morning. She had had a weekend of activity and stimulation.
     These sorts of visits are fun, but hectic. Durelle took a long nap Sunday afternoon. And Monday we crashed!

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