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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sixtieth High School Reunion

     Durelle and I are both members of the Athol (MA) high school class of 1956. At the well organized sixtieth reunion there were about four dozen people. Sixteen were class members. We have lost 52 of our original 105. The dominant activity was it should be at this point.
     We stayed with my sister in their majestic log home in Royalston. I've shown pictures of the home in this blog before. This time I want to show you some of the pictures I took from their deck. There was a black bear, three foxes, raccoons, porcupines, turkeys, assorted songbirds and a dozen hummingbirds.
     First, the bear. It was a little too dark, and he was out of flash range. There's also a raccoon and a young porcupine in the first shot if you look closely.

     There were several foraging porcupines.

     And, of course, the ever present turkeys.

     The next shot is of a hummingbird. It was taken over the weekend and is so severely back lit that it is almost a colorless silhouette. I only include it because I caught him with his tongue fully extended.

     When it finally got absolutely too dark for wildlife pictures, a pleasant sunset appeared.

     Back to the reunion. It was held at the home of our perennial hosts, Claire and Buddy Carey.

     It was professionally catered by Craig Twohey and his crew from the nearby King Philip Restaurant.

We are fortunate to have the rock 'n roll steeped Mike Dube to spark-plug these events.

     The goal line marker comes from one of our significant games and is signed by many of the team. There were five teammates present.

     It would be a major accomplishment for some of us just to get down into a three-point stance!
     On Monday morning we headed "home" to Belfast with a stop at the Yankee Golden Retreiver Rescue in Hudson, MA to visit with Logan, a candidate to become our fourth rescue golden. Decision deferred.
     We arrived home after a pleasant but tiring weekend only to have a lobster feed the next day arranged by the usual stalwarts and held in the front yard of Dick and Eleanor Roth.

     We are still keeping busy.

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