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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Pause for Matthew

      We have paused in our son, Mark's, driveway as we wait for hurricane, Matthew, to clear out of the Charleston area.

     The current plan is to leave the Nashua area tomorrow, do a couple of 400-mile days and get within a day's drive of Charleston. Then, depending on the weather, we will head home on Saturday or Sunday. He has a ticket to fly back Tuesday. Although the storm has slowed, it is making a welcomed right turn away from the coast. We have full tanks of water, fuel and propane; so we are completely flexible. We will end up with a pleasant, three-night stay here instead of the planned two.
     Of course, Durelle got another canine fix with their dog, Leo.

     The trip to Nashua from Maine on Monday was a different experience riding in the passenger seat. I did get to take a few foliage shots through the windshield while moving. Mark was very comfortable with the driving experience.

     We recognize how fortunate we are as retirees with a motorhome. We can adjust our schedules to work around natural disasters with ease. AND we have a son to do the driving when it is required.
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