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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Miscellaneous Topics

     This morning Durelle was out in the back yard doing some minor yard work, and Mocha was with her. In a few moments, while Durelle wasn't looking, the dog disappeared. She yelled in to ask me if Mocha was in with me. She wasn't. I soon spotted her in our next door neighbor's yard with which we share a four foot, wooden picket fence. As Mocha was nosing around, she discovered that a pair of pickets were loose at the bottom, so she pushed them aside and went exploring. We retrieved her and put her inside while I repaired the fence. Does she look contrite?

     I don't think so, either. By the way, we have subsequently learned that her name is not related to color. Rather it is an amalgamation of her parents' names: Moose and Dakota.
     While she was out back, Durelle took a picture of a blossom on our local weed that we have repeatedly cut down. The plant is locally called a Confederate Rose. The Latin name is hibiscus mutabilis

      Another local critter showed up on our side of the pond this time.

     I took the picture from ten to twelve feet. I estimate that he is a six footer or perhaps a little more. These guys are another reason that our yard is fenced.
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