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Friday, October 14, 2016

Meet Mocha

     Not only are we back, safe and sound, but we have a new golden. Below is a shot of Durelle and Mocha as they met for the first time.

     This is the passing of the leash from Sharon to Durelle. The other lady in the picture is our neighbor, Vanessa, who arranged the match. Sharon is moving into an apartment that does not allow dogs. Mocha is ten. Durelle spent some time with her in the back yard. It took her an hour or so to finally relax.

     We got home Sunday. The governor said wait until Monday, but we were in the middle of a congested I-26 eastbound. We had no damage. Matthew went easy on the coastal properties (relatively speaking), but the rivers are swelling over their banks even pretty far inland. Mark did a great job of driving the bus here, and with both Cindy and Mark working, the bus was unloaded in less than a day. Durelle and I take two or three days.
     We are starting to catch up on Doctor's appointments. I see my neurologist next Thursday. It's clear to me that my neuropathy is getting worse. I am looking forward to finding out what, if anything, can be done.
     Here's one more shot of Mocha.

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