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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nearly Home

     We have hunkered down in a large KOA in Wytheville in southwestern Virginia. We will proceed straight south through Charlotte on I-77. In Columbia, SC we will pick up I-26 eastbound into Charleston. We thought we might be able to sneak in behind the storm on Saturday, but we chose to play it safe and wait until tomorrow. Mark has done a great job of chauffeuring this bus. Here we are in a convenient pull-through site with full hookups. It has enabled us to relax and deal with a lot of NCAA football as well as several loads of laundry.

     We plan to get home tomorrow with a drive of 325 miles. Mark's scheduled flight back to NH is on Tuesday morning. He does not know yet if the hurricane will have rescheduled it. A wonderful ancillary benefit of Mark's driving us south is the many hours of visiting time that are normally so hard to come by.
     So, what is the status of my knee? The arthritis makes it very painful to transition from sitting to standing. Once up, I can maneuver around pretty well with a cane. The neuropathy, which has degenerated this summer, makes walking with balance difficult. And the spinal issues make it difficult to stand for any length of time. The three of those afflictions combine their overlapping symptoms to reduce my mobility to nearly zero. I'll be seeing an assortment of doctors over the next month to see what the options might be. I really have no intention of turning this into a medical blog, but I will keep friends appraised of my status from time to time. Meanwhile, I'll insert another picture of our ten year old Allegro bus which turned 61,000 miles yesterday.

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