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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July

Well, it's the 4th of July weekend. The campground is finally full. We celebrated by having our first lobster feed of the year. Tim and Wendy, Skip and Donna, Dick and Hilda, Paul Poythress and the Cloutiers had a great time. For the past couple of years I have apprenticed under some of the masters of the preparations of steamers and lobsters. Today I was on my own. Even Rick Feyler was under the weather. Everything went great. Although I have established contact with Walt Wagner, our usual supplier, today's lobsters and clams came from Wymans in Stockton Springs. Ten pound and a half hard shells and five pounds of steamers were $130. Both were excellent. Fifteen pounds made for a full pot, but there was plenty of steam from the seawater, and the lobsters cooked up just fine. We even remembered the finger bowl, Ann. The second picture is an unusual rig in the Roth spot. There is a bed and a TV in the loft. There's a ladder up to it which would make the nightly sojourns to the pot a bit problematic. The weather has been just ideal. Yesterday for the Friday Happy Hour I made my mussel dip from mussels I picked up at low tide in the morning. Again, it was quite a hit.
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