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Friday, May 11, 2012

It's nearly time to get on the road again

     We have mapped out our itinerary from SC to Las Vegas.  We'll leave Nellis AFB (Vegas) on 8 June and arrive at Hanscom AFB's recreation area in Humarock, MA on 6 July.  That part of the trip is still a clean sheet of paper.  After two weeks there, we'll spend a weekend helping our hometown of Athol, MA celebrate its 250 anniversary.  From there we head back to the Moorings in Belfast, ME until 9 Sept and then spend two weeks in NH at an RV Park in Brookline near our old stompin' grounds in Nashua.
     We (and I include Baxter) have been taking care of all possible medical issues before hitting the road.  He had a couple of benign (as pathology confirmed) lumps removed.  See the picture below.  He may appear a bit forlorn, but he and his incisions are doing fine.
     After a hot spell the weather has moderated nicely and added some much-needed rain.  The yard is green and the evening light gave some of the deer pictures a nice warm tint.
     You can see the deer in the background of a shot of our magnolia tree.
     Baxter's stitches come out on the 19th.  Granddaughter Melissa, husband and best man will arrive northbound on the 15th, and we should be leaving a week or so later.

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