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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Southaven, Mississippi (actually south Memphis)

     Today was "sorta" uneventful.  We got away just before nine without running over any of the rabbits that occupy the campground.  Although we started out on I-20 West, it was largely a non-interstate day.  Just west of Birmingham we headed northwest on 78 and took it all the way to just short of Memphis.  We got a call from the campground announcing that our "pull-through" site would not be available until five.. Apparently the occupants had paid for a late departure.  A "back in" site was available at any time.  I much preferred  to not have to unhook the Jeep...AND rehook it up in the morning, so we opted to kill some time until five.  The problem was compounded, of course, because we gained an hour by moving into Central Time when we crossed into Alabama.  We stopped at a Flying J truck stop for fuel even though that could have waited another day.  Then we found an out of the way corner to park, start the generator and turn on the AC.  It hit 100 degrees in the area today.  We showed up at the campground just before five. but the site had still not been vacated.  So, we parked, restarted the generator and AC and waited another half hour.  We were set up by six, made some crackers and cheese and a couple of drinks and relaxed.  When you are not in a hurry, major issues become minor.
     Below is a picture of the site.
     It is a good campground...pool, hot tub, etc.  It also has the largest dog park we've ever seen at a campground.  Our 12 year old Baxter thoroughly enjoyed it..Pardon the imperfect focus.  I was moving but not as fast as he was.

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