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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Melissa, Illia and Luke

     For the past day and a half we have enjoyed a visit from Melissa, Illia Zotos and his Australian buddy, Luke.  They arrived early afternoon yesterday and left about 1600 today.  After a lunch of make your own subs, We (Durelle stayed home) made a stop at the RV storage lot so they could see the bus.  Then they dropped me off at Hendricks Chevrolet to retrieve the Corvette.  'Twas more than I planned to spend...eight injectors, plugs, wire plus the usual oil and filters and a cracked valve cover.  The tech said it's good for another 100,000 miles.
     Then Cindy took them to Fort Sumter, a rooftop bar and supper.  This morning I served them a pre-assembled breakfast casserole and fruit, and Cindy took them to the beach at Isle of Palms and a bit of shopping.  They came back here for an early supper so they could have a night drive northward.  I told them I would pick up a couple of steaks and have them ready at three.  I did, in fact, cook two steaks for the six of us, and I had left-overs.  I found a pair of 2 1/4 pound Porterhouses that I did on the Treager and finished with a dollop of garlic/bourbon/butter.  They were special.  Melissa proclaimed it the thickest, tenderest steak ever.  Note the steaks in the foreground!

Dessert was a key lime pie, and we sent them on their way.  Their visit allowed a much more personal opportunity to get to know her Australian husband, Ilia, than will be possible at the wedding next month in Las Vegas.  We all greatly appreciated and enjoyed their visit, and thanks to Cindy for playing tour guide.
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