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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A good rest day

     After days of heavy duty air conditioner use, it was quite a remarkable change to have an overnight low of 38 degrees!  We slept in, made bacon and eggs, read the Albuquerque paper and generally relaxed.  The long showers felt great, too.  Durelle did some wash and got to check out the new drier.  She can now dry the entire set of linens in one load while the original combination washer/drier is doing another load of wash.  It is quite an improvement.
     I walked the dog a bit and took some pictures in the campground.  I suppose I could get off my duff, unhook the Jeep and wander around for some real photo-ops.
         This is where we are staying.  It is a very overtly patriotic place that lets active duty military stay for free!
     If you look closely, you can see that the bottom of the pool is painted with the American flag...and isn't that an interesting chess set?  They offer a BBQ dinner that we'll try tonight.  The highlight is a smoked BBQ platter for $12.95 that includes 6 oz. of brisket, 4 oz. of sausage, 2 ribs and a choice of two sides: ranch beans, potato salad, Cole slaw, and chips.  That seems a bit much, so I'm going to get the brisket sandwich while Durelle will opt for the pulled pork.  There's cobbler for dessert and followed by an ice cream social.  I'm sure we'll go light on that, too.
     This an artifact to add a bit of nostalgia to the landscaping.  I'm sure that saddle has seen a few miles.
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