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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


     They arrived Sunday shortly after one.
     The first one out of the car was Brielle.
     After an afternoon of getting caught up on each others' goings on, supper was a hearty, slow-cooker pot roast.  Tuesday we paid a visit to a world-class firefighting museum in North Charleston.  The very first display as we entered was an old ladder truck that served for many years in Gardner, MA, the birthplace of both Durelle and me.
     Some of the equipment is really spectacular.  Below is an example from 1925. 
     In addition to the hardware there were many interactive and educational displays...many targeting children.  A highlight for Brielle was the chance to drive a simulator of a fire truck.  It was complete with a movie of the street scene evolving in front of the moving truck projected onto the windshield.
     This morning there were some group pictures that fall in the category of 'backyard critters'.
     The two geese were unaccompanied yesterday.  The goslings are newly hatched.  On the less cute end of the spectrum, check out the following group.

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