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Friday, April 12, 2013

Two new back yard critters (At least for this Spring)

    The weather is definitely warmer.  As a result, the alligators are beginning to sun themselves on the bank of the big retention pond.  But I included a picture of the larger one in an earlier post.  A couple of days ago I finally got a good shot of our resident male bluebird.

     He is perched on the very tip of the Bradford pear.

     I need some feedback.  Recently a classmate asked me to recount the tale of my Alaskan brown bear hunt in 1964.  I had thought that I had already archived that story with other preserved writings and memories.  It turns out that I had not, so I did.  The problem is that it turned out to be 3,000 words with a copied document and a picture.  That would be a major departure from my blog format; plus some of you have heard at least part of the story.  In addition some would be turned off by an account of one of the 'blood sports'.  So, should I make a blog out of it?
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