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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another typical day in paradise

     It has not been a good summer for operating expenses.  We knew that the seven year mark would mean the replacement of six big Michelins.  But little did we know that we would also replace the gas stove top, four deep discharge golf cart batteries, and the inverter/charger.  Now we have discovered that an element in the RF chain of the King Dome satellite dish has also failed.  With Tiger making a run at 59 and Durelle with no Golf Channel we were in the situation of, "Houston, we have a problem".  We survived.  We have learned about Dave Morrill of Pine Tree RV in Viazie, Maine.  He is doing a great job for us, so hopefully we will get through this stretch...although the Master Card may have to struggle through.
     Before I go on, let me show you a picture of a napping Baxter.  It proves that my feet don't smell too bad after all.

     Yesterday was a mix of sun and showers.  When that happens, we are always alert for rainbows.  Yesterday we caught one.

     Today was another pleasant one.  We had a happy hour with the Feylers, the Branns and the Pecks.  Supper was just some brats and salad.  The evening offered some more photo ops.

     W e can fuss about the things that broke, but life doesn't get any better than this.
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