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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Great Grand Daughter Brielle and her visit

     This weekend our great-granddaughter, Brielle, and her parents spent a very pleasant visit.  It was a four hour drive each way for them.  Carolyn worked Saturday and Dave has to go in on Monday morning.  We do appreciate the effort expended to come visit us.  They arrived Saturday evening and we went up to Papa J's for supper.  Dave had Jim's Portuguese steak to include the fried egg on top. It was a nice supper for all of us.
     This morning I cooked up a pound of bacon and made pancakes for five of us.  Speaking of five of us, the sleeping arrangements worked out just fine.  It was a late breakfast after which the girls; Durelle, Carolyn, Brielle and Baxter (non-girl) headed down to the beach.  Looking for beach glass at low tide is a universal Maine occupation. 
     You might assume that, since I am not in the picture, I took them.  You'd be wrong.  Dave was a great help with many things during the too short visit.  It started before he arrived as he brought us a couple of bottles of Absolut from NH saving me twenty bucks.  Assembling the sleeping arrangements, taking many of the pictures and driving the Jeep back from Camden were also appreciated.  They can come back anytime.

      Here is a small yacht heading into the Belfast Harbor.  
     Baxter soon declared the beach a sea gull-free zone, but it took more energy than he had.
     Carolyn and Brielle found a bunch of beach glass.

     This was a much larger yacht heading into Belfast.  It anchored offshore.

Later we headed south.  We did not take any pictures in Bayside, but we sure did in Camden.  We drove up to the top of Mount Battie and took some wonderful pictures of our great-granddaughter and her parents.  

     Here's Brielle and Carolyn on top of the tower at Mount Battie.  Is that a fine picture of Carolyn?
     This is Brielle on the stairway to the top of the tower.
     This picture of Carolyn and Brielle had a backdrop of the Camden Harbor, but I cropped it because this was such a nice shot of the two of them.
     Lest I leave Dave out of the picture, here's Dave and Carolyn.  Brielle is disappearing down the hill toward Camden.

     Here's Dave and Carolyn.  They are a great couple and we appreciate the drive that it took for them to pay us a visit.
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