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Monday, August 12, 2013

Frogmore Stew 2013

     Ahhhh, Frogmore Stew.  It's the analog of a New England Clambake.  Crustaceans, corn, sausage, red potatoes, onions, lemons and Zatarains spices all in one dish.  It is a low country boil from the barrier islands of South Carolina.  I did the prep work yesterday...onions, sausage, lemon,  red potatoes, and spices.  I wrapped all the dry spices up in a cheesecloth bag.  Everything else went into zip lock bags.  When the time came to get started, all I had to do was to start the burner an add ingredients on schedule.  Of course there was a lot of logistic work that Durelle, Rick Feyler, and George Peck handled for me.  After the water was boiling, it was time to add the spices.  A bunch of halved lemons were first.

     Next were the onions.  Not shown were some lemon juice and a cheesecloth bag of Zatarain spices, Old Bay Seasoning,  Zatarains "Boil in Bag", a dozen bay leaves, and a tablespoon of cayenne.
 When the water was boiling, it was time to add the potatoes.  These are  red potatoes, scrubbed and halved.

     After the potatoes had gone for twenty minutes,next came the sausage.

      After the sausage had gone 5 minutes, the corn was added.

      Not shown is the addition of nine pounds of shrimp.  There were so many bags that your loyal photographer was too involved opening bags.  The result was outstanding!

You will notice that we covered the newspaper with paper towel as a deference to the newspaper ink.

     If that isn't a nice looking pile of groceries, I'll eat your hat.  Moments later the sun sat over Rick and Judy's rig to provide the perfect denouement to the day.

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