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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Videographer guest

     We recently had a young couple stay at the Moorings for a month.  They made promotional videos of this campground as well as some other paid gigs around town.  In return they stayed free for a month up next to the office.  Check the link below.  The controls are not completely intuitive.  When you log on, you will see a scene with some scattered camera icons and some orange ringed dots that are pulsating in size. There will also be some scroll arrows at the right side which will allow you to scroll the scene, panoramically, through 360 degrees.  If you click on a camera icon, you will see a fixed scene of perhaps a sunrise. Sliding the cursor over the orange circles will identify another scene, e.g. "low tide" or 'high tide".  Clicking on new scenes will bring you to new orange circles and still more scenes each of which is a 360 degree panorama. If you look around, you will find our rig (there's a blue jeep parked in front of it), and the view we have of Penobscot Bay. Are you ready to give it a try?  Thanks to Duane Peck for providing the URL.

It's worth the effort.
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