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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Touring with the Poythress'

     To start with, today was a "Chamber of Commerce" day all along the coast...75 degrees, a  soft wind and a clear sky.  Before I start with our pleasant journey today, Let me show you another unusual RV.  On previous, recent posts I have shown you the tiniest Airstream, and another tiny teardrop camper.  Today I am going to show you a rig from the other end of the spectrum.  Behold the Renegade!

     This is a Class C.  As a matter of fact he has been rejected at Class A only campgrounds.  That second axle is not a tag axle.  He has eight driven wheels back there.  The long wheelbase moves the drive assembly well aft to support a heavy trailer, but the turning radius can be a problem in crowded campgrounds.  This 45 foot Class C has a towing capacity of 45,000 pounds!
     Paul and Judy Poythress picked us up at 1130.  We headed south to Camden which was clogged with its usual Route 1 traffic.  The first stop was the Waterfront restaurant, a long time favorite of ours in Camden.  


     We opted, of course, to eat on the deck.  The Camden harbor is a never ending, changing scene of pleasure craft of all styles and sizes.  Our lunch menu choices of entrees will give you a good idea of the sort of place it is: Lobster Cobb Salad, Crab Melt with Bacon and Avocado, a turkey wrap with everything but the kitchen sink, and I tried for the first time a grilled Portobello sandwich.  More conventional fare was available, but we all felt a bit adventuresome.   For appetizers I had some really wonderful, briny oysters on the half shell and Durelle had their famous clam chowder.
     Here's a shot of the Cobb salad.

     And here's my sandwich along with a four bean salad and a Dill pickle..

 My oysters were also worth a picture.

     This shot of Paul and Judy does not do them justice.  They have been friends of ours for several years, and I hope they are not offended.

     One of the most popular tourist events in Camden is a schooner cruise.  Below is a picture of one of the schooners heading out.  

     We then wandered south along the bay.  The Poythress' once rented a place in Camden.  After they showed us their old, lovely house, we traveled less than a mile further south to the path to the Curtis Light.  It is well hidden.  The Poythress' did not even know about it.  It now has a new, small (16 inch ?)sign.

     It is less than a hundred feet to the bench with a wonderful view of the outer end of the Camden Harbor, Curtis Island and the Curtis Island  Lighthouse  Below are a couple.of nice pictures of the lighthouse.

     From there we headed a bit further south to a large green, rolling farm which raises belted Galloway cattle.  They are a horn-less breed from Scotland with heavy, rough coats and a distinctive coloring.

     From there we came back to the campground and reveled in the end of the calm colors of a pleasant Maine evening.
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