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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bagaduce Lunch

     Today we made our annual one hour trek to the Bagaduce diner,  I am enclosing a couple of pictures to prove that the name is not a fabrication.

         I think Durelle is demonstrating how big the bowl of onion rings is.  One of the paper signs explained why there were no clams.

     Is that rustic enough for you?  I think the second "p" was an afterthought.  They have a bunch of shady tables scattered along the Bagaduce River.  We arrived at low tide as seen in the first picture.

     The river is moving briskly from left to right.  Everybody looked up, but only Durelle didn't stop chewing.  The next picture, taken an hour later, shows the tide coming in and flowing from right to left.

     Our Happy Hour was disrupted by the final USA soccer (futbol) game.  You would be amazed at the assortment of goodies that showed up.  There were Armadillo Eggs.  These are like jalapeno poppers that are wrapped in sausage, dusted with more spice and smoked for a couple of hours.  There were individual nachos in spiced, bowl shaped chips.  There was some melt in your mouth, smoked pork belly.  There were stir fried fresh veggies from Peralta's garden.  It is presently 66 degrees at 9 PM.  I hope your day was at least half as nice.
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