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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back in Maine


      That's not a current picture.  I just wanted to get your attention.  That is Dick and Hilda Brann's fifth wheel RV enduring its lonely mid-winter stay at the Moorings.  This is NOT a four season campground.
     We returned to Maine three days ago.  It was a non-stop, four and a half hour trip.  Set up is getting easier especially with help from our many friends here.  Thursday was a veterinary day.  For the past week or so Baxter has actually needed encouragement to eat.  Thursday morning he refused.  The local vet, who has seen him before, did a thorough exam and faxed the results back to SC for comparison with the April tests.  No "smoking gun" was obvious.  By mixing a little canned food with the kibble, he has resumed eating normally.  He's an old dog, most likely fourteen.
     Our Happy Hours are the site of laughter and friendship.  It's good to be back.
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