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Monday, August 18, 2014

From My Chair

     Today all of the pictures shown were taken while sitting in a lawn chair with a martini and visiting with Durelle.  She went in and retrieved the camera and strongly implied that there were some photo-ops that I was overlooking.  As usual, she was right.  You know the rules:
         Rule 1.  The wife is always right.
         Rule 2.  When the wife is wrong, refer to Rule 1.
     The first picture is a campground shot that shows the seasonal (four seasons!) campers arranged around the periphery of the campground.  We "short-timers" use the interior sites; some of which are pull throughs.  All have 50A, sewer and a good WiFi.

     You can see the late afternoon sun...after all it was happy hour.  That same late sun made for a nice sky color.  The picture below is unaltered except for cropping.

     When all else fails, take a picture of a dog.  See previous post.  Baxter, as you can see from his coloring, is getting old.  This shot will remind longtime readers of a similar picture of Belle.

     Tomorrow is a busy day.  Durelle leaves at 830 to play golf with grandkids et. al. Cohorts/coworkers are visiting at 1030.   In the evening we will be taking our granddaughter and her Aussie husband out to supper. During the afternoon I'll start packing, closing, etc. as we leave Wednesday morning.  It will be good to get back to the Maine coast.
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