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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Grover Reunion

     A century ago three siblings grew up in Athol, Massachusetts: Bob, Ruth and George Grover.  This past weekend ALL of their seven children, spouses and several of the grandchildren assembled in North Norwich, NY.  It was no small achievement.  They came from California, Georgia, South Carolina and New England.  For some it was the first meeting….EVER.  It was hosted at the lovely, upstate New York home and grounds of Harry and Diane Gardner.  Below is a shot of the view “down the valley”.

     There were no get acquainted games, no musicians, no entertainment…there was nothing but food, multiple animated conversations, food, sentimental reminiscences, and food.  Did I mention “food”?

     Marty Grover and I brewed up a couple of pots of Frogmore Stew: a low-country boil of potatoes, sausage, corn, and shrimp that is flavored with onions, lemon, assorted Zatarain spices, Old Bay seasoning and a “touch” of cayenne.  It was consumed, as you can see, most informally.  The weekend, except for Saturday’s breakfast at Bill’s Diner, was totally agendaless.  There were great collections of old photographs and videos.

     There were dozens of hour-long conversations amongst cousins who had previously met rarely if ever.  Although it was a first time event, it may not be the last.

     Above are the seven cousins.  The two brother-sister pairs are Mart and Durelle Grover and Greg and Pam Grover.  The other three boys are (L to R) Harry, Rob and George Gardner.  Next is a nice picture of Durelle and her brother.

     It was an easy, one day (285 mile) trip from Brookline, NH. The bus worked fine for four days without hookups except for a 20A electrical connection through more than 150 feet of large gauge extension cords. Unfortunately, I plowed a few grooves in Harry's freshly mowed sod.

       It was a great weekend which was made all the more convenient by our Tiffin motorhome.
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