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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sailboats and Lobsters

     It seems that we haven't had as many lobster feeds this summer as usual, but we had a good one Tuesday.  Everyone chips in with corn on the cob, chips, pie and ice cream.  Dick Roth is the main(e) man with the lobsters.  We do have to use my cooker if the group is as large as it usually is.  Below are a couple of shots of Dick cooking his favorite food.

     We just pull a few picnic tables together and enjoy some al fresco dining.  It's a tad on the informal side and occasionally gets a bit messy, but it is always fun.

     Yesterday Dick Roth yelled over,"Frank, get your camera."  It seems that the BIG sailboat we have been watching as it was getting an overhaul at the shipyard was pulling out of Belfast and heading to Newport.  They used a tall crane to mount and install the 150 (!) foot mast.  It was heading out of the harbor into a stiff northeast breeze, so the sails were stowed and the diesels were doing their thing.

     There is very little in the picture to give you a sense of scale.  If you have a sharp eye and a good sized screen, you can see some people standing just aft of the cabin/wheelhouse. The mast would be about 13 storeys high.  There are three big red tugs that are berthed in the Belfast harbor to assist the freighters going in and out of Searsport.  One of them was returning as the sailboat was departing.

     I guess you could call that picture, "The Beauty and the Beast".  There is the brute strength of a tug and the elegance of a large single-master.  There are a couple of caveats to that analogy, however.  First; there are many who would find that tug to be handsome if not beautiful.  And, second, the diesels in that sailboat are no slouches, either.
     All of the pictures in today's post were taken right here in the campground.  Just think...we've got another month here!
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