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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visit with sister, Marian

     On Tuesday Cindy and I made a short trip down to Royalston, MA to visit my sister, Marian Taylor.  She and husband Eldy have been building their dream home for retirement out of twelve inch logs.  It has been under construction for several years.  Although they are living in it, it will be several more before it is done.  Eldy is still working with a two hour commute, so progress is slow.  There aren't many Massachusetts homesites with hundred mile views.  See below.

     The view of the "cabin" is just as impressive as the view from it.

      You can get a sense of scale from my Jeep in the lower right corner.  They have black bears, coyotes, fisher cats and a porcupine that will take bread from Eldy's fingers.  Deer and turkeys are plentiful.  I did not climb the hill to the stable, but Cindy went along with Marian to "help" feed her two miniature horses.  Many of the inside features are notable as well. Check the medicine cabinets in one of the bathrooms.

    On the way back we stopped at Lickity-Splitz for some ice cream.

     A sign proclaimed that all of their ice cream was homemade on their premisses (sic.).

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