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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to Back Days of Eating Out

     Yesterday we took an hour and a half drive south to meet Estelle Anderson and her daughter, Karen, who had a similar drive north from Wells, Maine.  Estelle, as long time readers will recall, was the teen age, next door neighbor who carried Durelle into the house when she first came home from the hospital.
     A favorite restaurant in Wiscasset is called Le Garage.  Here's the three ladies gathered in front.

     After a very nice lunch we decided to take another half hour drive to visit Pemaquid Point.  It has an iconic lighthouse, museum, gift shop, etc.

     It also has a large spit of granite that makes a nice perch from which ponder the surf.  Just as she had done many decades ago, Estelle wandered out on the rocks and found a seat.  With my cane I went with her.  I guess we helped each other.  While she was sitting there, I sneakily captured her contemplative pose.

     Today eight of us rowdy folks from the Moorings went to supper at the Brick House in Searsport.  We had an eclectic assortment of entrees.  Although a bit out of character for me, I ordered fried clams because they were highly recommended.  They were fine.  Dessert was a single order of strawberry shortcake with eight spoons...everyone had plenty!

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