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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shameless Exploitation of Wendy's Pictures

     As you know from recent posts, this past holiday weekend at The Moorings was highlighted by visits from the Bouchers, the Perelkas and the Carlbergs.  As a sidelight to their great barbecuing over the weekend, we also did a Frogmore Stew on Thursday.  All of these events were documented in the blog.  Wendy, of course, is an accomplished photographer.  Many of her shots went straight to Facebook, so between my blog and her Facebook, much of what follows will be "old hat" to many.
     Since I'm one of those curmudgeons that doesn't do Facebook, Wendy sent me a bunch (132) of her pictures for my enjoyment.  I decided that they were so good that I should make an additional blog of the weekend's activities using nothing but her pictures.  There are several categories, so instead of a chronological display, I'll do it by topic.
     The first category is scenery.  With the exception of the Belfast Harbor shots, they were all taken from the campground.

     Some scenery sits still; others move.

     Here's a few of Wendy's shots of the Frogmore Stew:

     The big show, of course, was the roasted whole pig for the fourth.

     Of course you could not show Boucher pictures without a shot of Coal and Scout.

      And, speaking of shots, there were jello shots a-plenty.

     As the weekend wrapped up, the USA women's soccer team beat Japan in the finals of the World Cup 5-2!

     Every one of these pictures were taken by Wendy Boucher;  I just stole them.  I hope you enjoyed the show.
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