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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trip to Lewiston

     There is something about a site on the ocean that makes doing nothing a wonderful achievement.  If this blog seems to settle into the doldrums, it may be because doldrums are what we are trying to accomplish.  There's a new swing down by the shore.  Thanks, Ron.  Durelle and Baxter seem to enjoy using it.

     Today we drove down to Lewiston for an eight-person lunch at the Gridiron, a nice sports bar with great sandwiches.  Included, other than Durelle and I, were Durelle's brother, Mart, and his wife, Ann; Durelle's cousins, Eleanor and Phyllis; Phyllis' husband Fred, and Cindy, Eleanor's daughter.  
     We had a couple of small, but intense, rain showers on the way back, but everything was clear at the campground for our usual happy hour.  Because of our big lunch, supper consisted of a couple of peaches.
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