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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Frogmore Stew

     As you can imagine, this has been a very pleasant place to be.  It ought to be; we drove a couple of thousand miles just to be here.  A couple of days ago I took some relaxing pictures of the bay as the sun was setting off to our right.  In one of the shots you can see a very contemplative gentleman absorbing the scene.

     That was earlier, today was busy with getting ready for the Frogmore Stew.  In a traditional Frogmore Stew the participants are involved in adding the various ingredients at the appropriate time.  Also the traditional stew is ladled out onto a newspaper-covered table.  We had 24 people, so we had four tables of six.  Two tables had newspaper and the other two, for the more fastidious, were covered with plastic table cloth and used bowls and plastic utensils.  Most of the following Frogmore pictures were taken by Wendy Boucher while I was up to my armpits in being choreographer-in-chief.  I avoid a lot of work that way.

    Wendy Boucher made a 55th anniversary cake for us.  You have to appreciate the talent it takes to bake a cake on a barbeque grill.

     So the Frogmore Stew was a success.  I have to recalculate so that I don't have as many leftovers each time, but the potatoes do make great hash browns.  
     All the while Cindy was back in Hanahan, SC where she caught a great picture of a storm rolling toward her.  The light blue house in the center is ours.

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