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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pig Roast Part two

     Today the pig was done.

     The next step is to don the insulating gloves, followed by the plastic gloves and tear off the tender chunks of pork.

    The is Debra Donahoo getting in close for a peek.

     It wasn't just Tom and Michelle and the pig.  There were also briskets and racks of ribs from Tim and Wendy Boucher of the Feeding Friendz barbeque team.  Here's Tim (without the wave!).

     And here's Wendy as the campground generated side dishes start to arrive.  All those cupcakes with the American flags in the background are hers.

     There were at least five dozen folks attending.  Here's the line.

     It is nice to see the campground full.  And not just full, but full with the nicest bunch of congenial folks you are likely to meet.  The camaraderie is spectacular.  Today Durelle discovered a couple of strangers who had called a cab to run some errands, so she gave them our Jeep.  That's typical of the neighborhood and the lifestyle.  Here's a couple of shots of a full campground.

     To end this story of the roast pig on the fourth of July here's a shot of Michelle holding the pig's tongue.  She couldn't give it away.

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