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Monday, June 19, 2017

Arrived in Maine

     We are finally here! Mark did his usual great job of driving (and parking) the bus. When we arrived, we had more friends helping than you can imagine. The Roths, the Floods, Debra Donnahoo, Dick Brann and several others were here to help us old farts get settled in. After we were hooked up, we sat down to get reacquainted and have a beer. Before long it was time for happy hour. We had about decided that it was too cold for an outside happy hour when Richard showed up with a glass of scotch and pulled up a chair.. So, happy hour happened. Durelle came prepared for the weather with a new blanket from Mark and Heather.

     Yesterday we were running the air conditioners.
      It is wonderful to be back with all these camping friends, and we are looking forward to four more months of the same.
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