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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Getting Packed

     The bus moved to our driveway on the seventh of June to get packed for a Flag Day departure. It takes a little longer for us old farts to move into a new apartment.

    As you can see by the proximity to the garage door, it consumes the entire driveway and the Corvette is blocked. The trailer hitch and towbar extend over the gutter. The Jeep is in Cindy's driveway. The driveway is too steep to use either the jacks or the refrigerator. Note in the picture that I improperly positioned the auxiliary step so that it barely extends under the front lip of extended step. That meant that when the air bags decayed overnight, the steps were jammed together. Fortunately there was no harm done.
     There was quite a bit of work done on the bus. There was some paint shop work to fix the cosmetic damages from last summer. There were six(!) new batteries, a new bespoke mattress, and a complete wash and wax. How much did it all cost? Don't ask! ProTech, a local truck and RV shop, did the honors. Now we have to load it for a summer in Maine. There have been a number of times when one of us asked, "Now, where did we store that last year?" Cindy is helping, and Mark will arrive on Monday for a few Items I have saved for him. Tuesday morning we'll repark it curbside (with safety triangles out) so that it will be level enough for the refrigerator to pull down to temperature.
     We are anxious to get rolling.
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