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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


     The first day is always doomed to be a late departure. The refrigerator contents have to be transferred. Since we haven't been on the road for a half year, it takes a while to get everything re-figured. For that reason our first day has us stopping in Enfield, NC...a 310 mile first day. We took some of the usual pictures.

     My goodness, do I look like the old fart. This was taken by a neighbor. Then I hopped in and, lo and behold, the refrigerator would not switch over to run on propane. We tried everything we could think of and could not solve the problem. I put in a call to ProTech at Durelle's request. Their tech said that the propane line may have had some air in it. He suggested lighting the stove top burners and consuming some propane.  It worked. The freezer is still not cold enough. It's only 22 degrees in the door of the freezer. It is finally making cubes, however!

    Mocha finally settled down to be comfortable on her first trip in the bus.
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