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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

First Lobster Feed

     Saturday was the first lobster feed of the year for the Cloutiers. There were ten of us, so two lobster pots were required. It is always fun when one of crew has never had a lobster before. There is no end of advice. These were all hard shells save one that had molted. Therefore everyone had to work a bit to extract the tasty morsels. Below is a picture of a "newbie" getting to touch her first lobster.

     You can't read Dick Roth's T-shirt in the picture. It shows a puzzled lobster who is saying, "Excuse me. What's the melted butter for?"
     Anyone who has tackled a whole, steamed lobster knows that, even with the hard shells, a lot of water is released when the shells are cracked. Starting a few years ago, shears have been used to snip the tips off the claws before the lobsters are served.

     That's Debra Donnahoo, our campground manager, using my left-handed lobster glove holding the lobster for Dick with the right-handed glove.
     Here's the first lobster being served to Michelle, Debra's sister. She had one of those "bucket list" trips. She saw a moose and a whale.

     The sides at one of our lobster feeds are corn-on-the-cob, chips and blueberry pie with ice cream.

     Life is good...a lobster dinner on the shore with corn and dessert for $15.00 per couple!
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