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Friday, June 16, 2017

Nashua, NH

     Three days from Hanahan, SC to Nashua, NH...300...400...400. The first day is always short 'cuz we didn't get away until ten. We arrived in Nashua on Friday the 16th. There were substantial traffic delays all three days, but we haven't been in a hurry in a long time. Mark did an outstanding job of driving. It is NOT just a matter of turning on the cruise control and aiming it.
     We were approaching NH today with the hope that we could get home without one more fuel stop. No such luck. On I-495 in MA we got a low fuel light. There were no big truck stops along the way, but Mark said that he remembered a big station at exit 34 on route 3 in Tyngsboro,  MA that "looked large from the highway."  Sure enough, we saw signs for a Mobil station with 24 hr diesel. We found it, but only one of the six islands had diesel. To get there seemed impossible. We had to find a way to navigate around the building which had a drive thru for Dunkin Donuts and a car wash. To make the turns, which were designed for cars, required some turns that put both the right front and the left rear wheels over the curbing. It was not as big as he had remembered.  We made it undamaged.
     Then the pump would quit at $100, so I ran it again and pumped another 40 gallons. On the third try the pump said, "Go Away!" We arrived at Mark's at 1730.

     We plugged in to AC and water. The dish locked in on the satellite, and the internet connected.
     Tomorrow is a nothing day, but Sunday is a multipurpose celebration. Monday we head for Maine.
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