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Monday, July 26, 2010

Anniversary Party

Saturday we enjoyed the 50th wedding anniversary party that Cindy had organized. We had about fifty folks from far and wide (Colorado and Virginia). It was an unusual party in that only a few small groups were previously acquainted. Durelle and I were the only common denominator. Nametags were essential. I brought my camera but soon decided to be a participant rather than a spectator. There were many cameras so perhaps I'll be able to post other pictures later. Above are two that I did take. The story of the cake is truly unusual. In 1960 Estelle Anderson made us the wedding cake as a wedding present. Fifty years later, at age 87, she baked a replica for our golden anniversary. In the current vernacular, how cool is that? The other picture is one of those four generation pictures. David, holding Brielle, and Mark and I constitute four successive generations of Cloutiers. Fortunately each generation is progressively better looking.
On Sunday we returned to the Moorings on the Maine coast. The hectic portions of the summer that forced us to be organized are over and we look forward to just relaxing with friends on the shores of Penobscot Bay. Speaking of friends, the Pecks were camping here when we arrived. We are occupying what was "the Pecks' spot" for many years. This morning I made blueberry pancakes (thanks, Marian). Durelle and Cindy have conjured up a foursome for bridge and all's well with the least our world.
On the blog posting one month ago today I spoke about Tim and Wendy Boucher who are competitive grilling and smoking cooks. I "bemoaned" the fact that several of us had to be Guinea pigs for their recipe development process. Today we learned that they won the New England cook off at the Harpoon Brewery in Vermont and have thus qualified for the Jack Daniels Invitational at Lynchburg. Way to go, Tim and Wendy!
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